New technologies, business vector!

There are more and more solutions to boost sales by using new technologies. Digital technology creates a real opportunity to increase the profits of online businesses and physical stores. This opportunity improves the commercial activity of a company, more on



The keys to a successful PIM project in a company

A company needs to manage product information with features, images, descriptions, product sheets, etc. To succeed in a PIM project, consider making your items visible on the Internet. To get help with this task, call on specialists like, a product experience management platform with MDM, PIM, DAM, inbound marketing and contextualized publishing solutions, assisted layout. This service accompanies your customers through their buying journey.

Intelligent robots

Artificial intelligence at the service of business

Artificial intelligence applies a set of techniques to enable machines to assimilate real intelligence. AI is revolutionizing many fields from medical to robotics, as well as IT and various entrepreneurial sectors. This technology has allowed Google to reduce its power consumption by nearly 40% with its DeepMind system.

Robots intelligents

5G: Fifth generation mobile technologies

5G networks will eventually offer increased capacities able of supporting massive machine-to-machine communications and provide low-delay service. This network provides promising quality throughput in populated urban areas or in-building access points.

Voice search

Get started now!

Voice command has invaded the market: Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, Alexa, etc. Since its first appearance in 2011, voice search has become a major digital trend. The artificial intelligence used in voice search is highly accurate. Google claims that voice recognition has achieved 95% accuracy since 2013. Google has been interested in voice search for several years. It has a large market share in this IT field, more on

Tips to develop your business through digital technology

Social Selling: how to sell through social networks?

Social selling uses professional social media in their sales process. This practice consists in creating a real online network in order to generate leads and increase their sales. To succeed in social selling, you have to choose the right network. If you are targeting the BtoB market, go for LinkedIn, Twitter and SlideShare. If you’re targeting the BtoC market, focus on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Want to appeal to younger, more female consumers? Do some social selling on Snapchat.