Why are data being heavily used in new marketing technologies?

For several years now, digitalization has been increasingly present in our daily lives, affecting almost all sectors of activity. Indeed, many companies are currently developing artificial intelligence in order to revolutionize marketing by using data. They are more efficient and…

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What is the impact of new technologies on marketing?

With the evolution of current technologies, marketing is constantly changing. These innovative technologies have impacted every discipline known as marketing. Today, with the evolution of the digital domain and IT solutions, companies have a variety of options to directly reach…

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Content Marketing: what is content marketing?

The marketing sphere is constantly evolving over the years. Also known as content marketing, content marketing is becoming an essential strategy for companies. It is even becoming a reference discipline in the Web universe. But what is content marketing? And…

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Voice- Search software: search software more and more in use

In an ever-changing world that seeks to digitalize everything from now on, technology occupies a prominent place in human life. In order to modernize, but especially to facilitate human life, many advances have been made, and this, in all fields….

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How to build loyalty with Internet users using the Blockchain?

If you want to keep your users loyal, you’d better use the Blockchain. This technology is highly appreciated for its transparency and security. Its operability system offers you the possibility to integrate all your partners. The customer experience and journey…

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