Deploying Visual Innovation

Deploying Visual Innovation: Best Strategies for Computer Vision Model Rollouts

Unleashing the power of visual innovation entails the strategic deployment of computer vision models. The journey of making these models operational is often fraught with hurdles, yet with a careful approach, these challenges can be overcome. The dynamism of automated…

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How additive manufacturing helps the semiconductor industry?

Here is how additive production works in improving the semiconductor process in its industry according to this page. 1. How additive can improve semiconductor process There is a lot of elements that go into lithography machines. Each one of these…

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Suppliers’ catalogs: how to update the products at time T?

PIM or Product Information Management software is defined as solutions to ensure the management of various product catalogs. This tool stands out for its relevance, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Nevertheless, many people are still unaware of how this…

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PIM and ERP: totally different uses!

A company, in order to ensure production and marketing, as well as all intermediate services, must adopt a management strategy. This will also allow it to effectively coordinate all the sequences. In general, PIM and ERP are part of these…

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PIM: how to define its workflow?

A content workflow is a set of tasks that a team needs to complete for a given client or type of content, a web page, blog post, white paper, email or any other type of content that the group needs…

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Significant advances in artificial intelligence!

In recent years, the geniuses of computer science and the world of technology never cease to amaze with their invention. Most of their creations are equipped with a system called “artificial intelligence”. Thanks to the know-how of these engineers, artificial…

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5G: today’s most important technology

At this time, the world of technology does not stop innovations. After 4G, 5G is currently being launched to the delight of technophiles. The freshness of the fifth-generation network is currently of interest to millions of users around the world,…

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Augmented reality: the future for e-commerce!

E-commerce is constantly evolving. Recently, the trend is towards virtual commerce. This last one constitutes the trade using the augmented reality or the virtual reality. It takes many forms.  Sales are facilitated by augmented reality in an online environment. They…

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What can the PIM bring into the company organization?

As an e-commerce player, you probably know how difficult it is to keep a growing list of product references up to date. The number of prices, labels and product descriptions increases as the business grows. Definition and use of PIM…

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