How often should you update your LinkedIn profile?

Published on : 06 July 20213 min reading time

LinkedIn Profile

Did you know that your LinkedIn profile can be your ally in managing your e-reputation? If you’re an entrepreneur wondering why your marketing strategy isn’t working or you just can’t find a good recruiter, this means that you need to adopt another more active and creative strategy on the social network. So, to do this, start by updating your LinkedIn profile. 

How often should you update your LinkedIn profile?

Why choose LinkedIn?

Creating a profile on LinkedIn allows you to have visibility and to get in touch with other professionals. Indeed, this is the most popular channel for professionals to generate traffic and stay connected with other people in the same industry. The platform is designed for everyone to sustain themselves and increase their notoriety. But to do so, you need to optimize and maintain your reputation and identity in order to improve your referencing if you are looking for a job or prospects.

It is also an opportunity to launch your own label or personal project to meet new collaborators and potential clients. The LinkedIn profile is a tool that facilitates the management of relevant contacts. The goal is to develop the network in order to use the branding and digital marketing system for your company.

LinkedIn allows you to foster dialogue and relationships between professionals, thus advancing your career. It is the necessary tool for companies to promote, recruit, communicate and share experiences between them.

Why update?

Updating your LinkedIn profile means incorporating new relevant information that others need to know about you. It is especially about recent activities and professional experiences you have just undertaken.

This allows you to enrich your professional reputation. And by using compelling keywords, it helps to find new opportunities and collaborations. It will also facilitate the visibility of your professional identity to recruiters, companies and potential clients.

It is still necessary to fill in your profile with complete information in order to boost and optimize your visibility quickly. 

Frequency of updates 

Note that you should update your LinkedIn profile when there is a change in your professional situation. For example, if you are going to start a new job, your current work situation, a promotion or if you are looking for a new job. In any case, post an attractive status about your new job title.

An update can be done at will. And most importantly, update if you are ready to accomplish new challenges. It helps gain the confidence of recruiters by opening up to other opportunities and reassures them of your professionalism.

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