PIM: how to define its workflow?

A content workflow is a set of tasks that a team needs to complete for a given client or type of content, a web page, blog post, white paper, email or any other type of content that the group needs to deliver. Even if you haven't defined your workflows, your team has them - they may have separate workflows for certain clients or project types.

Why define your content workflow?

If you don't define your workflows, it's difficult to keep track of a large number of projects that may get stuck. Content team members may not be sure of their responsibilities or aware of the amount of effort required to complete content.

Contact the professionals at goaland.com to explain the role of a content workflow. This allows your team to

- Break down the content process into manageable tasks;

- Identify the development stage of each piece of content:

- Identify each step for content to receive approval:

- Know who is responsible for each step and when.

Tasks: identify what each role does

After identifying the roles for a given workflow, identify the tasks. Assign each task to a role and sort the tasks in order of completion.

Then define each task in as much detail as necessary to minimize time spent on avoidable changes, requests and general confusion. For any tasks that require more detail than the workflow itself can contain, direct people to that detail.

Define each task in sufficient details to allow each employee in each role to know what they need to do to complete their tasks satisfactorily and move the project forward. Once everyone included in the workflow has been assigned their responsibilities, you've reached the place where you can define the phases through which the content will go.

Designate someone to oversee each content project

Let's say you've defined your content workflow. You've covered who, what and when. This effort alone doesn't protect you from pitfalls. The process doesn't run itself. There will always be bottlenecks and there will always be handoffs.

That's why you need a single person to oversee the project, including moving each piece of content through each stage of the workflow. This person can be a project manager, content strategist or marketer.

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