What can the PIM bring into the company organization?

As an e-commerce player, you probably know how difficult it is to keep a growing list of product references up to date. The number of prices, labels and product descriptions increases as the business grows.

Definition and use of PIM

PIM is a tool that allows companies to centralize, synchronize and manage information about their business to improve data quality and customer relationships. You can insert all the information about the product (description, characteristics, etc.) and the sales conditions (legal notice, target market, price, etc.). Goaland's Product Experience Management (PIM) solution is used to provide reliable and responsive product information to improve productivity. It allows you to put your offers online and save time when setting up seasonal operations. Similarly, the product board contains all necessary information, which can be distributed and updated at any time. In addition, all employees have access to the same reference data, which is an important asset for the sustainability of the company.

What are the advantages of using PIM?

The benefits of using PIM include - Eliminating duplicate and obsolete data by eliminating islands of data; - Improving the quality of data produced and helping prevent errors; - Enabling unique and reliable data from all employees at the same time; - Improving the work and communication between the different teams of the company (communication department, purchasing, customer service, etc.); - Permanently controlling the information distributed and controlling all distribution channels; - Personalizing the data produced according to the channel used; - Rendering the relationship with the supplier more fluid; - Reducing the costs of integration, management and updating of data; Start using this software!

How to make your PIM project a success?

Implementing PIM is part of a company's digital transformation. This brand-new project will bring about drastic changes in internal practices, and sometimes help employees who find the new work environment uncomfortable. It must be considered as a real business project that requires the participation of several departments. In fact, you need to build as many projects as possible to define the ideal PIM solution for your company.    

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