What is the impact of new technologies on marketing?

With the evolution of current technologies, marketing is constantly changing. These innovative technologies have impacted every discipline known as marketing. Today, with the evolution of the digital domain and IT solutions, companies have a variety of options to directly reach their potential customers from the various available digital channels.

What is the major impact of new technologies on marketing?

The emergence of social networks and e-commerce platforms has allowed companies to reach their targets directly via the Internet. This is a new communication channel. It is an efficient distribution medium to easily expose a product.

Currently, technologies improve the ability of companies to analyze and collect marketing data. They have also allowed the creation of new advertising formats. Some databases can collect a maximum of information about a consumer and then transmit it to a company. This will allow to better understand the customer's expectations and to design an adapted marketing strategy. In sum, it is possible to see that the field of marketing has undergone a great change since the arrival of these new technologies.

How have they affected this discipline?

Currently, marketing is becoming more and more integrated into everyday life. Social networks, advertisements and sales sites are part of everyone's consumption habits. Technology allows companies to differentiate themselves from the competition.

In particular, the evolution of these technologies has increased productivity, which promotes the success of a company. With this overwhelming evolution, the marketing industry has to adapt itself to the current situation. Today, the system has become automated and eventually market research has become easier and faster. Communication is also much more efficient and it is able to reach a large number of people.

What are the consequences of new technologies on marketing?

No one can deny it, technological advances have allowed other fields such as communication to develop. At the beginning, the communication tools of companies were upset by this novelty. However, once they understood the system, people adapted it little by little.

As far as marketing is concerned, these major advances have totally turned this sector upside down. Nevertheless, they make communication much easier and allow companies to reach their objectives. Today, communication is done through social networks and websites. Moreover, the classic printed catalogs have been transformed into web design pages, and telephone switchboards are now virtual.

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