How to build loyalty with Internet users using the Blockchain?

If you want to keep your users loyal, you'd better use the Blockchain. This technology is highly appreciated for its transparency and security. Its operability system offers you the possibility to integrate all your partners. The customer experience and journey will be improved. 

What exactly is the Blockchain?

Blockchain is a kind of technology that consists of securing and recording transactions. By opting for this solution, information can no longer be altered or modified. It offers you a foolproof security system. It is a transparent technology with integrity. It is highly appreciated by applications for banking transactions recording, registration, identification of individuals, tracking of assets, supply chain monitoring, elaboration of company inventories, etc. This technology plays an important role in your strategy in building customer loyalty. Indeed, the latter can remain the master of their own money while avoiding its depreciation. The different transactions are recorded in blocks in a database. In this way, your customers will be able to permanently consult their transaction histories.  

What can you do to build customer loyalty with the Blockchain?

By using Blockchain, it is no longer necessary to go through a third party to make a monetary transfer. You can find private, open to all and public Blockchains. In the latter case, it works with a token or a programmable currency. By choosing this solution, you can set up your loyalty program. Its operability system allows you to integrate several partners. By creating a common and secure currency, you can facilitate the management of your program. In this way, the beneficiary will be able to earn points when buying from a brand. 

Tips for building user loyalty with Blockchain

Thanks to Blockchain, the customer journey and experience can be improved. You should note that creating a points system with this technology guarantees the reliability of their attribution. The latter cannot be revoked since the transaction must be recorded in a register that cannot be modified. The flexibility of this system emphasizes its advantage on the relationship of trust between the customer and the company. These various analyses are based on 3 main aspects such as non-devaluation, transferability between individuals and non-expiration. Obviously, you should know that Blockchain takes into account the nature of your loyalty program.

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